Perhaps one of the most common questions we get asked at Paws is "Can you train my pet dog to become my service dog?" We understand the incredible bonds that can develop with one's dog but there are so many factors that determine whether a dog can be suitably trained to become a "Working Service Animal". Disposition and Temperament are only 2 of the factors that are considered. The dogs health, genetic make up, breed characteristics and desire to work are also factors that are used in the selection criteria by the schools that we are affiliated with. Those making the choices about suitability have years, and in some cases decades of experience in selecting suitable candidates to start the long and rigourous process to become a Service Dog.  There are programs out there that use the owner pet trained model but the schools we are affiliated with use professional trainers to place trained dogs with candidates and train the human to become and effective handler and service dog team partner.

We're dedicated to veterans from all generations 

Our Mission:

Paws Fur Thought is a volunteer driven initiative that Advocates and Fundraises to pair PTSD Service Dogs with Veterans and First Responders in need. 

Team Formation:

Our team is made up of different generations and experiences. Each member has something unique to bring to the Team.

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