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Sharing a moment with John about running out of altitude before you run out of airspeed, gas or runway. This was taken Kingsbrae Gardens, where the Afghanistan Memorial in the other picture is now part of the Permanent Gardens Fixtures.


The Paws Fur Thought team is deeply saddened by the loss of one of our largest fans and supporters. John Flemer, WWII Spitfire Pilot, husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather, philanthropist, advocate and for Thai & Cous, friends. The great work that was begun as a result of John and Lucinda's commitment to helping those with PTSD get paired with Service Dogs will continue on. Even though John  has slipped the surly bonds, and now flies free amongst the angels, he will continue to look down over us and continue to guide, Lucinda and the rest of the Paws team as we continue our work. For anyone wishing to make a memorial donation, please see the links to the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia or to the Royal Canadian Legion