For such a long time I would not leave my house or meet up with anyone I knew. Then OSSIS came into my life to help me cope with my problems, it has done just that. Because of good people like Paws fur thought I was able to get me my new best friend. I went to Kansas not knowing what I was in for, that first day of class Flay was the second dog to come out. He came right up to me got on my lap then hugged, and kissed me, I cried when this happened knowing now that I have my best friend. Flay is so right for me now, I'm out and about more then ever. feeling better about my self worth. We sleep,eat.walk,drive, everything together. Flay has also got my Wife and I back on the right trail again along with Taffy our King Charles. The four of us are very happy now and as a family, We Thank everybody who is part in my life changes; Thank You;



I cannot say what might have been but since Lexi, a service dog, I can now think of tomorrow. This amazing girl has been guiding me thru a long and dark tunnel. She gives me the confidence to go in public and preform what most would not think twice on like grocery shopping. She knows when to protect my back while in public settings or to provide the space I need when talking to people. Lexi paws me to bring me back to reality when symptoms take me away. She is their when triggers approach to give me the ability to deal with stressful settings. She brightens every day! Lexi has changed two lives. My partner is still serving and Lexi knows both of our stressors and triggers. She takes such great care of us and we are so grateful to have her in our life. I appreciate Lexi’s previous owner for recognizing that she is special and donating her to become a service dog. Thank You Paws Fur Thought for changing and giving a better quality of life.



Since receiving my Service Dog Layla there has been a profound change in my life.   I now have fewer fears of going out to attend appointments or shopping trips.  She easily picks up on my triggers and nudges me back to the here and now.  At night, she will jump up and nuzzle my face with her big cold nose when I am having a nightmare.  More importantly, she is here for me.  I could be feeling lousy and a simple reciprocating cuddle can do wonders.  I am thrilled having Layla in my life and look forward to many more years of partnership



In my days of darkness came a little angel who light up my life and brought unconditional love. She takes good care of me I would not be alive today if was not because of help dealing my illness and handicap.
Tks medric for improving my quality of life by providing me Kenya

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